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The Baker House Landmark #83
Reward Path Recovery Center

Renovation, restoration and development of the landmark building on a prominent Main Street in historic Santa Paula. As a landmark it is has intrinsic value to local history and pride and so LcV worked hand-in-hand with the SPBD & Landmarks to assure its integrity. The front entry side porches were added back using historic photos and nearby precedents by the architect, Mr. Franklin Ward, projects. All plumbing and electrical were brought to code and air-conditioning was carefully integrated using fan coil systems. the windows were restored including the large double-hung main floor windows which required the careful removal of all casements to replace the old cording, weights and make specific repairs. A pair of antique doors were located and the missing doors from the entry parlor to the main sitting room parlor were brought back. The large sliding doors between the sitting parlor and the dining room were restored. In addition, all doors, missing hardware

 for doors and windows were restored, a vast majority of the missing hardware located from specialty restoration shops across the USA, and installed.The bathrooms were gutted and renovated true to the Victorian era. The roof was restored and the exterior carefully painted with the approved historic color palette. Finally, a gazebo was added to the rear gardens.In all, no corner was left untouched by the renovation and restoration. The Baker House now serves as a medical rehabilitation center and welcomes all through a new approach to staying clean designed to supplement other more established means such as the 12-Step programs. It blends modern biological and psychological science with the tried and true of traditional recovery culture, setting both within a framework that better harnesses a person’s natural motivation

3D Walk-through Model:

The Baker House Victoria
MCM Modern Hous Reno
MCM Mid-Century Modern House
 2324 West 37th Street, San Pedro, Los Angeles California 90732

Complete renovation of 1960's property. Upgraded all plumbing and electrical to code, all new contemporary kitchen and 3 bathrooms. All new concrete hardscape. The project was sold after completion for the highest sq/ft price, for the area, to date.                Approx. 3000 s/f    
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