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"Architecture for Pets"

 Greek for sleep, is an exquisite new line of custom pet beds created by architect and designer Laureen Claire Vivian.  It was Sissi, the designer’s lovely Maltese named after the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, who inspired these     noble beds.  After fruitless attempts to acquire a pet bed that would aesthetically suit her home, and meet with her accustomed standards of quality, let alone be beautiful in its own right, Ms. Vivian realized that no such pet bed existed. 

Épnos is an architectonic collection of high quality pet beds; the four styles offered, Sleigh, Etruscan, Heaven and Temple, have been created with great attention to proportion, historical detail and comfort.  Each model recalls a sumptuous and luxurious era to delight the eye, and beautify the home.

In an age where the importance of ones environment has been affirmed time and again, it ought to be possible to have the best for your home as well as your beloved pet.

Each bed is custom made-to-order of mahogany with a walnut
finish as optional.  24 karat gold gilt accents and the finest silks and trimmings are used for the pillows and drapes creating a most regal place for your beloved pet to sleep and dream.


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