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Apt Study
St. Basil's Academy Retreat
117 East 57th Street NYC
Renovation and additions to grounds and historic stone structures for meetings, retreats and corporate events.
Meeting rooms, housing, kitchens, ampitheater and mumerous out-buildings for the Greek Orthodox Church and as a corporate events retreat.
Architecture maintains and incorperates existing stone elements while blending modern materials into a tapestry. Bow trusses are staggered and overlapped to allow for ample light and high ceilings with clear spans and so providing airy light-filled interiors.
Georgia Diner
Queens Blvd, Queens, NY
Complete renovation of prime corner diner. Rebranding, interiors, custom booths, stone floors, mahogany tables, cutom chairs and extensive built-ins.  Art glass windows, carved glass peach motif, new retro-style neon signs, awings  and interiors. Transformed a 70’s Formica diner into a diner/family restaurant of the 90’s.  The “Georgia peach” is the theme featured throughout; etched and back painted on oval booth dividers and used on new neon, back-lit, vacuum-molded 3D exterior 10 ft by 7 ft signs.  Featured use of marble mud-set stone floors for jointless large-scale mosaic designs including a water jet-cut 10 foot wide peach tree in the entrance foyer. All new wainscoting, serverys, bar, cashier areas with inset  quilted maple panels  framed by Honduran mahogany.  Scope of work included custom menu boards, maitre d’ podium, custom lighing, furnishings and artwork.             Approx. 5000 sq/ft
Apartment Study
Tribeca., NYC
8 story apartment building study with rooftop recreational center, solar roof panel, roof garden and pool.                                 Approx. 150,000 sq/ft.
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