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During the second half of the eighteenth century Etruscan rooms were at the height of fashion. Spurred by discoveries made in Italy at such archaeological sites as Herculaneum and Pompeii, artists, designers and architects alike, such as the great Robert Adam, fostered a new taste in Etruscan art.  The light elegance of the “Etruscan style” borrowed shapes, motifs and colors from antique vases.  The Épnos Etruscan design was inspired by this exciting time in the history of style.  The scroll-shaped sideboards are adorned with the same delicate bronze rosettes that run along the corona; the luxuriant custom pillow with embroidered ribbon accents enhances the lovely shape of the bed, as do the drapes.  The color scheme and motif of these beautiful silks have been especially chosen in accordance with those of the period.  Like the vases that inspired this style, the Épnos Etruscan evokes a kind of vessel too; nestled within, your pet will restfully slumber.
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