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 Evocative of the sacred temples of the Greco-Roman world, the Épnos Temple is and exquisite choice.  Like the ancient temples of Greece this bed may be regarded not as an enclosure of space, but rather a stature chamber in which one’s beloved pet can perch, rest or slumber, framed like a god or goddess in beauty and proportion.  Atop the fluted mahogany columns, twenty-four karat gilt Corinthian capitols support the entablature of the bed.  Four pediments surround the silk covered dome, with the oculus left open and unglazed like the great oculus of Rome’s Pantheon.  The gilded laurel wreath ornament, distinguishing the front pediment, is harmoniously accentuated by the golden wreath motif woven into the royal blue silk fabric.  Respectively, the decorative ormolu marking the base of the façade echoes the regal motif of laurel-leaf embroidered ribbon encircling the pillow.  The polished simplicity of the Temple renders it a stunning addition to a wide variety of traditionally inspired interiors.

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